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Ups and downs.

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So every week has its ups and downs. This last week was mostly up, with the exception of Saturday (the 17th).

On Sat. I had a doll meet/picnick thingier, but it was around 103 that day and only half the people showed up and I wasn't allowed to play with anyone elses dolls. :/  The people who had shown up were the mean wantabe punk people. Ugh. So yeah. Bad meet. Really bad.

On Sunday (the 18th) I turned 21, we didn't do anything since I wanted to save our extra money for Tursday (the 22nd). I managed to beat Fire Emblem (for the GBA) AND Path of Radiance~ I'm now working on Radiant Dawn. :3 I still haven't drank anything though, not since I was 7 and my moms friend spiked my pepsi. e_e;

Nothing exciting happend between Monday and Wensday.

On Thursday (yesterday/today, the 22nd) I got to go see my favorite band, Nightwish. n_n By see.. I mean hear. Everyones taller then me so I only saw them a little bit, but they sounded great, just as good as they do on their CDs. I bought another copy of their new CD Dark Passion Play, as well as the opening bands CD, Sound Syndacite. They were from Sweeden, Nightwish is Finnish~ I also bought one of the over priced t-shirts. xD;

It was pretty good, they even took requests for the last 3 songs they played. I'd wished they'd done Planet Hell or Crownless, but the fact the did I wish I had An Angel and Wishmaster was super cool. Anette is getting really good at doing their older songs now, she faltered a bit on Siren, but its okay~ I don't much enjoy that song anyway. :3 I'd wished they'd played a few more songs.

Best of all, dad likes them so we get to go see them again in SanFran in sep. :3 Yay. xD
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On May 27th, 2008 02:15 am (UTC), metakun commented:
Somehow I can't imagine punks as people having dolls @_@ Then again, I imagine that if they spent a bunch of money customizing and accessorizing it, they may not want others to touch~

Fire Emblem... I haven't beaten Sacred Stones, though I am pretty close to the end of the game. I just may restart =_= I do have the cube one, but don't really plan to play it until I beat Sacred Stones (which will probably be a long time from now. :p

And you'll have to get drunk sometime :3 Although getting drunk by yourself is just stupid and a sign that you're an alcoholic; getting drunk with can be a lot of fun haha :D
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On May 28th, 2008 05:34 am (UTC), lilly_hime replied:
They didnt even deck their dolls out though, the real punk boy's dolls are all great, but he had to goto the hospital with his dad the day of the meet, and he lets others play with his dolls. I think the problem is is that he's rich and could replace broken parts, while evryone at the meet is super poor and saved up for months for their dolls. :/ Sigh.

I beat Sacred Stones aggggesss ago. Only on Erika's path tough, I lost the game about mid-way through her brothers side.

Path of Radiance was really good, I still have mixed feelings about Radiant Dawn. :/

I'll pass on getting drunk, seeing as I'll be diabetic in a few years, I'd rather save myself for soda instead. (Alcohol is a big nono for diabetics because its basically all carbs. Its no worse then eating a cup full of sugar really.)
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On May 28th, 2008 07:26 am (UTC), metakun replied:
Diabetic in a few years? How do you know that for sure? Do you have something that's passed down in the family and occurring at such a young age?

Gotta get drunk at least once for the experience, although like I say, don't do it alone. I'll admit alcohol tastes disgusting, but like you've probably heard from many, you don't drink for the taste. Drink to get drunk. :p I guess it works better on shy boys like me because it breaks down that wall keeping us from being talkative after we've had enough to drink (and I'll admit I do really stupid things hahaha).

Isn't soda pretty bad too? It's practically sugar water. :p But I suppose I understand. My grandma was diabetic, so I really need to cut down on soda and other sweets, ubless I wanna jack myself up. I drink alcohol, but only a few times a year at most. I haven't been really drunk for a long time now... years? But yea, feel free to ignore the ramblings of some random RO dude. :p
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On May 30th, 2008 09:55 pm (UTC), lilly_hime replied:
Well my mom became diabetic in her mid 40s, my dad didnt find out till his early 40s, but he said he showed signs of it in his 30s. :/ Also I had an incredably sugary diet when I was younger (its still sugary actually..) so.. I dunno. I have bad luck, so I've just assumed that I'd get it in my mid 20s. I read that 25% of americans have it.
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