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Soo I finally decided what to do with my blank school head B! I'm gonna turn her into my alchemist, Aeria Gloris. :3 I found a girl on DoA who'll mod her ears for me, and I found the most PERFECT wig that looks just like how I draw Aeria's hair. +__+ So woot!

I sold my Yo-SD Papi and have almost finished selling my DollMore Asha.. So that'll be funding my hunt for a body for Aeria (and maybe a plane ticket if I still get to goto Acen in may ;o;) But I cant send her out for modding till March, and I really wanna send her out now! xD; lol..

Anyway. ._.; I've been sorta playing RO recently, Aeria is almost 98. Its sort of exciting, but I've been like 15% away for close to 4 months now. xD

annnnd lastly, I finally got around to ordering Nightwish's newest full album. xD; I would have preordered their new single but I dislike the song "bye bye beautiful" so I didn't :3
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Sorry for all the shoe/leg shots. xD; I love her shoes. Been waiting for a clear day for weeks so I could take some pictures of them. n_n I also have some super fab black boots that have little belt buckles on them and some adorable red and white heeled shoes. Its to bad I dont have an outfit that matces them and that I dont have heeled feet for her. ._.;
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I also like video games.

So I got Chrono Cross early in the month and beat it. I got most of its endings, and I have to say I enjoyed the game very much. Even if it was easy as hell. I also liked it cause it had sooo many cool girl characters. Like Leena. She fights with a frying pan n_n

I'm so addicted to amazon. e_e; I can find any video game I want it seems. I ordered Persona 3 and a guide for it, should arrive tomorrow. I'm excited,I mean it -was- voted best PS2 game/RPG of the Year by a ton of sites. Plus the hero is a totally cute japanese emo-looking boy. o_o;

I also ordered Rhapsody: A Musical Adventure, because I missed out on it at EB like 8 years ago. xD; I've heard its easy and generic, but its main character is a girl and her party members are puppets. and her prince is kiddaped by a villin in a thong! Who happens to be a speical party member you can get in Disgaea. o_o; Anyway. It should be here on friday or saturday. n_n

On the first I'm gonna buy this dating-ish sim game called Animamundi: Dark Alchemist, it has gothic lolita art and yaoi themes. But if you dont want the main character to be gay he can also end up with one of girls too. :o It looks pretty. I saw cosplayers and art for it at Fanime a few years back..

e_e; Yes, my world revolves aroud video games.

Oh in other news, we had to re-register to vote (the California thingers for the Democratic? nomination? is coming up Feb 3rd?4th?) becase they still had our old address. Hopefully they'll come in time. u_u Not that it'll matter. We have to vote abesentie because our area doesnt have enough voters to support a polling place (even though theres one a mile away..) we cant goto it cause its in a different area they said. .__.; Bah they never count the absentie ballets. ;-;
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:3 I hope everyone had a nice day today. Mine wasn't to bad. I've already had all my gifts for a few weeks now, except for the new Toaster Oven. Thats more of a family gift though. Its a nice one, its way bigger then the other ones we had before. :3 I can bake chicken now, lol..

My other gifties included a 4 Gig memory stick for my PSP, Tales of Eternia (that doesn't have the Volt glitch~ yay) and the downloadable Wild Arms game from the Play Station Store. I beat it already, like a few days ago? Took me like 30 hours, I enjoyed it a lot, even if the sounds were crap. Oh, and the new-ish Nightwish album.. Its not here yet though, it'll be a few days yet. xD;

:x In other news, my laptops dieing. It has a whole blotch of dead pixels now on the bottom of the screen, that get worse if you pike it or turn it off/on to much. So I've been avoiding the internet because it makes me depressed. ._.; It also makes it hard to play RO, which isn't so bad. RO is all about WoE and PvP now. So I'm probably done with it till we get the 3rd classes. Unless of course 3rd class Alch is also Int-based like Biochemist, then I doubt I'll come back.

Anyway. So.. yeah. I hope everyones doing well~
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Hm.. Not much to say. There hasn't really been any drama of late, which is good. I did get a bit of lamb stuck and had to goto the doctor to get it pushed down,turns out my esophogus had tightended to like 22cc? cm? Bah. He stretched it though. This was like a week ago.

Uhm I saw Enchanted and Beowulf. Enchanted was adorable. Beowulf.. was not a happy story. I tried to get a Wii, but they're all sold out. It does suprise me because all of our stores had had lke 7 each a week ago. :/ Bah. Its okay I guess, I still have 7 games to finish. Lol..But I'm so tired of tatical games. D:

Gonna get Artamis fixed on Sunday. He won't enjoy that.

I finally was able to track down the shoes and wig I'd ordered for Rosary (my doll). I'm not ordering from Doll Heart again, even if they're stuff is lovely. I'll post a picture of her wig and shoes later.

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Just as I was about to transfer the money from my paypal the lady I'd contacted about a head I'd wanted said I could buy it. So no Wii for me. xD; I've bought a blank School Head B, which will get a faceup sometime next month and a body of some sort in December. I also got some shoes and a wig from DollHeart, which is mostly for Rosary.. I figure she can share her shoes though. u_u;

Ahh.. I have 7 dollars left. ._. I also forgot to mail the girl the hair things that went with the dress I sold her, so I have to mail those to her in the next week or so. :/ There goes my perfect feedback. Ahh. ;_;

My kittens are so cute. D: Arty sits on me at night and I like that. Also since I'm so tired of SRPGs (I did buy 5 in a row, and a 6th next week..) I'm gonna finish up some normal RPGs. Shadow Hearts 3 is what I'm working on now. I got half way through the first time but got bored, gonna see if I can't push my way through this time. Or I could just level in RO. XD;

:/ Yeah. Woo. Anyway, once Rosary's new wig gets here I'll post a few pictures of her in it. I'd found out the meet last weekend that she looks better in lighter wigs. I ended up buying a pink one, because I like pink (and it'll match her pink eyes. :D)
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:3 I've been doing a mix of stuff recently, none of which is really useful or helpful, mostly just fun stuff.

I'm nearly drowning in games atm, to many came out. ;_; Some of which sucked, of course. I wasn't being picky enough I suppose. :/

I only got 15 hours into Growslancer, but I've deicded it sucks.
I didnt get more then 3 hours into Heros of Mana before I gave up on it.
I'm still trying to liek Wild Arms 5, but its not working to well.
I'm still majorly stuck in .hack//GU Vol. 3 I don't want to level, but I think its the only way I can beat this guy. D:
Digimon World: Dusk is hard. .__.; but it came with stickers lol..

I am however enjoying Final Fantasy Tactics, which I gave up on back when it was on the PS1. :/ I had found its text to hard to understand and confusing. I like its new translation a ton, but its.. hard. XD;

I'm almost done with Jeanne D'Arc, which is probably my fav game of '07 thus far. Not only is its main character female, but its story made me cry. Oh Lianne. ;_;

I'm excited about the upcomming release of Disgaea: Afternoon of Darkness. Yay for more time with my psp~

in RO I got to 97 on my Alchemist, she's cureently at about 50%.. But I've no will to 99 her since I don't want to be an AD biochemist, and theres no way I'd ever 99 again if I didn't go AD. So I made a new battle sage and made a soul linker and married him. She's 74. :3

Cats: We lost Vanilla this summer, which is a hard loss for me because she had such personality. She just vanished one day in mid-summer. :/ This has happened every summer though for the last 3 years, so I wasn't supprised. I just didn't think it'd be her.

A few weeks ago dad found some kittens near the end of our road, so we've taken them in. All our other cats are upset by this. XD We found out they were Lo's cats (he's the strawberry farmer next to us.) But since he's some sort of asian guy he cant let cats stay in his house, so he brought them to his farm and left them there. :/ He didnt provide food or a shelter for them to sleep in. So we aren't giving them back. The girl was gonna be called Selena, but dad hates that name so for now she's called Diana. The boy is called Artimus, but we also call him "tub of lard" because he eats so much. :3 he's so cute, Athena hates him though.. and me. She hasnt let me pet her in days. :x

Dolls: Went to a doll meet on Saturday, took my girls with me and Rosary wore her BSTTB dress. I don't like it much (I've had months to look at it after all.) and so I'm selling it to a girl who atteneded the meetup for $400 bucks. :3 I paid $200~ So I'm happy. I've been debating about what to buy. A sweet dream nono/dollfrie dream hybrid is what I think I'll get, since I cant aford a SwD Nono fullset. Or maybe some cloths for Rosary.. Or wait for Volks' December DolPa.. Or maybe I'll get a Wii, since Fire Emblem is coming out next month. Hard choices. :/

Dad and mom are fine. The cars need a bit of work though, but thats nothing new. My chickens are still alive and well, much to my dismay. e_e; Pig is good too.. Rats have moved into our walls though, so sleeping at night is a pain because they chew. We cant get posion cause the cats would eat it or the posioned rats and then they'd die too. :/ so We're not sure what to do.
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So my PSP has been seeing a lot of love this last month. Tales of The World: Radiant Mythology, while thin in story, is so addicting. Its battle system is based on ToTA, but with dumber AI. xD; I've already beat it on Normal, just now starting on Hard. :3

I'm almost nearly done with Brave Story, which is good.. but not really my cup of tea. It would have been my ideal game 2 years ago, but I like fast-paced actiony battles now, not turn based. ;_; But its truely a lovely game.

I've still got 5 more games to get this month. Luminous Arc, and Heros of Mana for DS. Jeanne D'arc and Dragoneer's Aria for PSP. 'N Wild Arms 5th Vanguard for PS2. The PSP games and the PS2 games are must haves, still deciding if I want the 2 DS games though..

I found a copy of Tales of Symphonia at EB on Monday~ So I picked that up, even though I lack a GC/Wii. xD; Been debating on which one I should get. 60-ish bucks for a GC, or 300ish for a Wii (+memory card and a GC controler.. and maybe a game~) Truely a hard choice, since some nice looking Wii RPGs are coming out in time for Xmas.

I'm a tad sad though, after this month there will be a big PSP RPG shortage. Its a shame, since I've enjoyed spending time with it~ My DS and PS2 will be seeing more of me towards fall. ._.;

Oh~ yes. I truely only worry about RPGs. xD;

:D Oki. Yes. Thats about it. I'm.. gonna vanish again for a while.
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For some reason the wireless adapter for my mom's computer failed after the computer turned off by itself (and then bugged up when attempting to restart.. its a old crappy machine.) So we figure its just about dead, since it is 6 years old. So dad goes and gets a new one and a new wireless thingie (without taking me..) and now I cant get the new machine to accept the wireless adapter.

I also have learned that I do not like Window's Vista. Its a tad to different for me to easily figure out. ;_;

I think I have to connect the new one to our wireless hub thingie, but right now thats gonna be hard. we have no desk/monitor near the wireless thingie. Its behind our TV and connects the cable to the TV..

;_; I'm so frustrated I could cry, I just wanted to be able to turn it on plug in the thingie and have it work. All the other computers I've set up worked that way. D: Even my laptop worked that way..

We're also broke now. .___. I wish dad had waited.. I'm wondering if we can even aford tales of the world next week.
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mhm.. been a while since I've posted.

My curse of losing a cat a summer has repeated itself again. Vanilla vanished 2 and a half weeks ago, at the same time a coyote appeared in the area, so.. ehh. Poor thing, she had a hard life too. :/

My DS lite broke 2 weeks ago as well, the right hindge snapped off. I've only dropped it once too, on carpted floor like.. a year ago. So I doubt that was the cause. I didnt buy a warrenty since my GB, GBA, and GBA SP still work fine after years and years of use, so I couldnt replace it for free. If it wasnt that I wanted to finish leveling Roseberry (my skitty) to 100, I wouldnt have got my new pink DS lite. Really, pokemon and the fact DS can play GBA games is the -only- reason I got a new one. So far I haven't liked any of my DS games enough to warrent buying 2 DSes now.. aside from pokemon of course.

On the bright side, my psp will be seeing a -lot- of use these next 2 or 3 months, 4~6 sexy looking RPGs will be making their way here. Oh how excited I am. ;o;

Riveria: The Promised Land (PSP version~) Tales of the World: Radient Mythology, and Brave Story: New something-or other all come out this month. Joan of Arc comes out next month too, as well as FFT..

DS gets some okay sounding stuffs later.. Lumonus(sp?) Arc.. FFT-2, FF12-2. But PSP is getting a better line up this summer. Though if I recall all of Sony's systems have slow starts and then end up with the best games in the end.

With Sony's announcement of a price cut on their PS3s, I'm more likely to get it over Wii or 360.. Espcially over Wii. Nintendo isn't my fav company at the moment. *becomes sony fangirl.* To bad Dragon Quest Swords looks good. XD; Meh, we'll see. Anyway, PS3s are dropping to 499~

Yes. I am addcited to games. So what. XD; *hides in a cornor with her hand helds, cats, and fresh loafs of french bread.*
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