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RPGs are L O V E~

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XD They are~ This will be a decent month in terms of games. Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicals Rings of Fate and Wild Arms XF come out next week, and Final Fantasy Crisis Core and Harvest Moon DS Cute come out in the latter half of the month.

So 2 for the DS, and 2 for the PSP. I'm looking forward to WAXF and HMDSC most~ If FFCCROF and FFCC are bad, I'm giving up on S-E games unless it has "Dragon Quest" in its name, and maybe even then I won't get it. (DQ Monsters sucked XD)

Anyway~ I wish it'd be next week already. I want to play WAXF ;o; I actually wanna play HM more, but its still a while a way. In HMDSC you can have a "best friend" instead of a hubby. XD Its amusing sounding, spcailly since all the HM guys are total duds most of the time.

Another HM game comes out in April too! o_o; So much Harvest Moon-goodess. I've also been stalking EB for the past week or so, waiting for the two Tales Of games to get offical release dates. I don't even own a Wii or 360 but I plan on preordering/both just to show my support for the series. I mean, I'll have all 3 current gen systems.. just not soon. xD;

I also need to preorder a few games for next month.. Harvest Moon Island of Happiness, Rondo Of Swords, Pokemon Mystery Dungeon Explorers of Time, and.. there was like one other? Mana-Khema comes out on the first of April, but I've already got that pre-ordered.

So much love from game companies right now~ I've been so close to emo for the last month or two because there werent any (decent) RPGs released for any of the sytems I have. ._.;

In cat news: 3 toms (unfixed male cats) moved into the barn last year. I've nearly tamed all 3, so I'm updating my cat count to 15. xD; Still gotta name the black and the gray and white one. The black and white got named Cookies and Cream, or Cookie for short. :3
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On March 10th, 2008 01:53 am (UTC), procne commented:
The reviews I've read by Nintendo Power staffers are looking pretty drear for Rings of Fate. They say that everything involving the touch screen is a disaster - any command that can't be assigned to a button is assigned to the touch screen, there's a nasty habit of having to jump back and forth on menus, and a whole host of other problems. I had actually thought of buying it but I'm not interested anymore. Just the sound of it makes me shudder.

I'm waiting on the new Tales of Symphonia game as well. Though it's kinda weird... I'm hoping it'll be better than it sounds, because although I'll still play it because I played the original, I really don't want to play a game similar to Pokemon. There was only so much Pokemon that I could handle.

Other than that, also waiting on the FFCC for the Wii. That looks promising, especially from the trailer I saw way back.
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On March 10th, 2008 07:26 am (UTC), lilly_hime replied:
I see D: I wonder if I should get rings of fate after all. :/ I enjoyed the last S-E game I bought (FF12 RW) But the 4 releases before that sucked eggs, speically Heros Of Mana. Soo disapointed in S-E lately.

I'll probably buy RoF anyway, I can always take it back if I dislike it. If I can't get a full refund they'll (EB~) will probably let me exchange it for a used copy of Xenosaga 3 (which I have, but disc 1 is all scratched up and wont play now :x)

I really think Tals of Syphonia 2 will be fine. It looks like it has more story then Pokemon does. And really, there hasn't been that many dud Tales games. Tales of Legendia is the only Tales game tha people seem to pick on, and I found it wonderfully playable. (Chloe was such a wonderful strong female character~) So, don't lose faith over the first Tales game on Wii. :D

Though I found I am having problems with Tales of Eternia (I forget what it was called on the ps1..) because the easiest character to play is Reid, an in Tales games I -never- play as the guy unless I have to. I just wont. xD; ANd I really want to play as Chat (she's pirate girl who fights with a purse.) but her range is SO short that I get stunned before I can hit things and her range attack is to hard to pull off since the AI wont cover me. *complains*

I'm excited personally that both new Tales games will have a battle system like Abyss did. ToTW:RM had that battle sytem and it rockd so hard, even if it was a fancy dungeon crawler.

Anyway. *cough* :x I really can't wait for release/pre-order dates.

As for the FFCC for the Wii, I haven't looked into it much since I don't even have a Wii yet. (No thanks to Nintendo.. you'd think they could get their supply chain under control by now.) I may or may not get it, depending on if it has a strong-ish single player mode? I do know though that I adore the little prince's? apperence. His little apple crown thing is so.. cute. o_x;
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On March 10th, 2008 10:28 pm (UTC), procne replied:
I actually disliked Children of Mana more than I disliked Heroes of Mana. I actually don't mind Heroes, but... I got really frustrated with the AI. I'm in the Light Temple place or whatever and I kept getting my ass handed to me because my AI wouldn't go where I told them, or they'd do the stupidest things to get there. Really pissed me off. Haven't picked it up since.

Well my bf was going to pick it up and then we could play multiplayer with another friend of ours and such but... After he read the review it was like "Mmm no, that's ok...".

Lmao it's not so much the story I'm worried about XD It's the... ZOMG I GET MONSTERS AND THEY EVOLVE11!!1!!!1@. >> I'm a huge fan of traditional RPGs, and that means that the only monster summoning that happens is in the form of summons like what Sheena did. Compared to Symphonia, Legendia did look like crap... Everything from the artwork to the game (apparently, since I chose not to play it) was pretty bad... And my bf hated it, and the only person who I know who actually liked that game was my friend Tim, who refused to play Symphonia for whatever weird reason.

*Pats* I... only ever played Lloyd or Sheena or Zelos/Kratos on Symphonia. I usually play the main character, or the one who is the fastest attacker... Because I like speed.

XD Lmao. Yeah. Well I didn't mind Symphonia's but the 3D range will be pretty sweet.

Um, I believe it's heavily based on one-player mode - at least The Crystal Bearers was supposed to be when I read the original information on it in a Nintendo Power magazine. I think it's been changed to incorporate multiplayer since then, but regardless... It's more geared towards single player as far as I know. I want it because it looks sweeeet. XD
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On March 11th, 2008 07:48 am (UTC), lilly_hime replied:
I didn't get very far at all in Heros, and never touched Children. The last one I played was Sword of Mana for GBA, and before that was one for the PSX. It was actually my first video game, because I had found it at Target for 5 dollars and so it sat on a self for 5 years till I ended up with a sytem that could play it. xD;

As for Legedia, I liked it. It may not have been as good as Symponia, but I enjoyed it, espically the second half of the game where you learn more about the characters. I also enjoyed how much everyone talked, though maybe if I replayed it again after the wonder that was Abyss I'd dislike it?

I love traditional RPGs too, in fact I wouldn't touch a non-turn based RPG till 3 years ago (because of Star Ocean 3, my true PS2 love~) But uhm.. I don't mind if they evolve, so long as its handled better then Dragon Quest Monsters. I will really not mind if they have pretty monsters, but I'm doubting it. It seems monster capturing games only give you cute/pretty things in early forms then they all get ugly. ._.;

Crystal Bearers? Hm. For some reason I thought you were talking about the Little King one. It seems to be a Kingdom Sim game, lik Harvest Moon.. only with a Kingdom rather then a Farm. xD If I had a Wii, I'd get it. Just cause I like those types of games.

I'm still flip-flopping about Rings of Fate. ;_; But I've read the story mode lasts like 10 hours and has no replay value. D: Ugh. I guess I'll just decide tomorrow when I goto pick up Wild Arms XF.
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On March 11th, 2008 04:54 pm (UTC), procne replied:
Children was horrifically repetitive. Like... if you played alone you got bored in an hour tops. I wasn't overly fond of Sword of Mana... It was kinda wonky and I didn't enjoy it too much. Although I did make it to the final boss. Never beat him though.

Mmm Crystal Bearers was the name of the FFCC game for the Wii back when I saw the trailers and the articles. Maybe they're releasing another one for the Wii too? Because the Crystal Bearers looked quite a bit more mature than the original FFCC on the GCN. You could even jump and do spinny tricks and stuff. It was wicked neat.

Haha... I'm hoping to pick up Brawl within the next few weeks.
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On March 10th, 2008 07:45 am (UTC), metakun commented:
ZOMG, someone beat me posting here first?! NUUUUUU! :p

Personally, I've been rather disappointed with the RPG scene of late. (I've probably told you this like a billion times haha) It doesn't seem like anything good has really come out since the new gen consoles game. PS2 had some good tail end RPGs for ti's generation; or so some people tell me. As for which consoles I check out and ignore, I'm leaning more towards Nintendo side, and further away from the PS3/PSP side cuz of price xD;

The old Tales games were decent. I haven't played the new Tales games (past Eternia) so I can't make judgements on those. BTW, Eternia was called Tales of Destiny 2 on PS1, a stupid choice in naming (1) just to appeal to the popularity of the first Destiny game and (2) because they released a REAL Destiny 2 sequel in Japan.

As for the Mana games... I didn't really bother with any beyond the SNES ones. They didn't appeal to me beyond that.

Dragon Quest never caught my interest more than FF had, although I may consider getting DQ8 at some point to try it out.

OK, so I'm going old and senile with games these days :p What can I say; with such limited time (indeed, I waste so much time, that the actual free time I have left is limited) I can afford to play games that will bore me quickly :p Being old, I tend to consider SNES = golden era of RPGs, PS1 and PS2 = busting out any RPG available, since they saw how profitable it was on SNES. Not to say that PS1 and 2 didn't have good RPGs; they had their fair share.
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On March 11th, 2008 08:01 am (UTC), lilly_hime replied:
After playing most of the FF games and a few of the DQ games.. I can't say I like eitehr series more then the other. I really enjoyed FF8, like a lot. But at the same time I loved FF12 too. :/ But both are from the same company now so I guess I don't have to play favorites.

For handhelds- I don't have to play favorites or anything since I opted to get both. Which I think was a good choice since it seems 60% of RPGs coming out in 08 will be on the PSP or DS.

PSP isnt that much more then the DS, and its games tend to look bettter/play longer then DS games. PS3 will be dropping its price tag soon too. As for which consol I'm leaning towards, its the 360 for me. It has more RPGs in the US then Wii or PS3. And some pretty good ones if I may add. Price for me has little to do with it, since what I care about are the games they have.

Wii is also more of a family/friend/multiperson thing and I don't know anyone IRL who'll play with me, and I'm also not so fond with shareing my gaming time with other people. However.. Wii is getting a Tales game, and has Dragon Quest Swords and a Fire Emblem game. The later two got good reviews~

But thats still only like 3 games.. the 360 has at least 5 good RPGs out atm. And poor PS3 has 1, and its like 10 hours long for 60 dollars.

As for SNES games I can see where your coming from sort of. Never having had a SNES and only having played the games that got ported to the GBA I can't say I enjoyed the SNES era games at all though.
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