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A · pointless · life

Last week sucked..

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Been horridly depresed the last 10 days or so. My tooth infection is gone, but about 10 days ago Athena (my fav. kitty) went missing. I searched the feilds for her but couldn't call for her because I had only been taking my meds for like.. a day at that point, couldn't move my jaw at all.

So yeah.. Its like losing my best friend. Everything reminds me of her and every time Gorge (her nearly twin broher) walks into a room I think its her. ._. I've been checking the county shelter site every day and just checked the one in the city today and theres cat there who looks like her. So even though its unlikely she ended up in the city I plan on calling about her and asking a few things that help deermine if she is infect my cat.

Hopefully she is. I did manage to clam myself down the last 3 days or so but all of a suden today I just started crying. Now I'm depressed again too and can't focus on anything, like video games or anime.

Sigh.. If we cant find Athena by the start of May we're probably gonna get me a new kitten (for me and our not-so kitten who misses Athena too.) and maybe a puppy. o_x; I don't want a puppy, but some people my dad knows has a few and they're so cute and chubby. They'll be weened in a week or two so, and my parents are really wanting one. I just know I'll be the one who ends up walkin it and scooping up its poopy though. D: Ugh.

I'm also dissapointed because I don't think I get to goto Chicago this May after all. Moms getting sicker again and dad probably cant get enough days off work to stay home with her.. sigh. I hate feeling responsable. :/ I'll have to tell Emily and Shar soon. Maybe tomorrow, if they're on AIM. ~_~
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On April 20th, 2008 03:35 pm (UTC), undead_man commented:
I'm so sorry your cat is missing. It's heartbreaking, I bet.

And don't worry if you can't come up here in May, real life always takes over having fun. :\
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On April 22nd, 2008 05:25 am (UTC), lilly_hime replied:
It was heart breaking, I couldn't do anything but sleep for a couple days. Though that could also have been a sideeffect of the medicine I was taking. :/

And I'm sorry Em. ;_; The guy he works for doesnt have enough people to cover his shifts for more then maybe 1 or 2 days, and generally his workdays are lke 14 hours long.. so blaah. D:
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