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D: Sigh I bought a doll head from a lady on DoA and had her redo the…

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D: Sigh I bought a doll head from a lady on DoA and had her redo the face-up cause she's pretty good at them.. That was 3 weeks ago. Her face-ups generally take 2 weeks but mid-way through she got kidney stones. I was really hoping to get the damn doll head (cause its body will be here tomorrow..) by Friday for the Saturday doll-meet I'm going to, but looks like its not gonna happen.

I guess I cant blame her.. but at the same time I'm not sure I'm gonna be willing to pay full price for the face-up now. :/ I understand that it hurts but really.. it cant be so bad if your online 8 hours a day.. Surely she could at least snap a few pictures. She says she only uploads from work, but wtf.. cant she do that from home too? :/ Even with dial up it would only be a few minutes. While I do like her face-ups I doubt I'll be getting my other blank head done by her (I was going to like.. next month?) Blah. I'm all pissy now.

As for kitten pictures, I'll get them in a day or two.. I've been trying but my camra isnt to good at taking pictures of moving things so I have to catch her while she's asleep.
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