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Odd dreams..

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I always dream a lot when the seasons change. I generally don't mind, but I've actually remembered the last 3 dreams I had over the last 2 days. 2 of them where borderline nightmares, while the 3rd was very.. anime-ish.

My 1st dream was the worst, and felt very realistic. In short it was about being stuck in an elevator that was about to fall with my parents, and being nearly unable to get my mother (who is unable to walk and must use a wheel chair) out before the cord snapped.

My 2nd dream was about 5 armed druggies coming down our road towards the house and only having 2 bullets left in the riffle to defend myself with. D: We actually have 6 bullets, but with the increased gang activity in the slum near us and such I wish we had more.

My 3rd dream was very pleasant, despite making me feel like some sort of otoku. It had to have been caused by all the reverse harem anime I've been watching lately. Myself and like 4 other very handsome young men were assistens to some professor somewhere and were studying some plants in the mountains and I ended up being partnered with one who I apparently had a crush on. And like out of no where he says "Hm.. You smell nice today, Elizabeth.. You must have washed your hair." "Oh~ Well for you Ryan I'd wash it everyday~" And he smiled and touched my arm and then I woke up. *cough* e_e; I.. am not really into grooming, so I can easily go a week without bathing or changing clothes.. Which I know grosses a lot of people out, but its the truth.. That's just how I've always been.

That's probably why I liked this anime called Nodome Cantabile. The main character Nodome really reminds me of myself, only I'm less perverted, don't eat nearly as much as she does, and can't play piano very well (because my hands are so frigging small D:) It was a good anime though, very cute and funny. I'm looking forward to the second season.

Anyway, back to the 3rd dream. The most disturbing part for me was that when I woke up I felt like my heart had been broken and felt very cheated. Like.. how dare reality steal my dream away from me. Which is really odd.. I don't really like being around people and haven't yet felt the need for that sort of relationship. D: I actually fell back asleep after that (I only woke up because a cat landed on me..) and while I and he remained the same all of a sudden I was a shrine maiden and he was my knight and.. then my alarm went off. I've never even been to a shrine.. So yeah. I enjoyed both half's, but.. the second part felt very.. odd.

I then made pancakes for breakfast. I make good pancakes. I wish I could make better burgers though. I want to have my own restaurant, a burger shack or something, but I can't do that if I make lousy burger patties. D: And it'd just be odd to only serve the things I do make well (pancakes, grilled cheese, tuna melts, french fries?) So I need to practice more.

Ahh. Unrelated to the things earlier, but Square-Enix makes me angry. They cut out half the games text in DQ4. While I have been enjoying the game thus far, I feel cheated because I won't be able to know the characters better. I'm also angry for Kingdom Hearts fans, because S-E is releasing the PS2 version of KH:Chain of Memories. Which HAD also been sold with an upgraded KH2. I don't like KH, as I have no interest in playing a game that doesn't really have any female party members. But still.. :/

As for the reverse harem anime I've been watching recently, I can't say I recommend any of it. I loved Host Club, but that's the only one I've ever liked. The rest are really.. lame. The one I'm watching now, Neo Angelique Abyss, is okay.. but its building the relationship with the guy character I don't really like. He's cute and all, and useful.. but he wears a mid-drift shirt and that just bothers me. He looks like some sort of slut. D: Sigh. Though it makes sense that she'd end up with him, I mean one guy is a robot, another is some sort of immortal who's been alive for at least 70 years, and the other is an elf. All 3 of those will outlive her, while the 4th is fairly normal.. I think. e_e;

So yeah.. My days are uneventful. They use to stretch out before me, endlessly.. But with the world wide depression occurring I wonder how long it will continue? I'm also vaguely worried for the first time that I really will end up as a cat lady. o_x; With that, and the drama my dads been having at his work I've actually been a bit stressed and started cracking my knuckles again. I really should stop, but I do it without thinking again. ~_~

I also finally got around to takeing pictures of Cleo, I'll probably post them once I resize them and upload them and.. stuff. xD
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On September 22nd, 2008 06:40 pm (UTC), metakun commented:
Of course you know you're gonna get a comment from me~ So here are some comments about various things you said in your post:

In regards to the second dream, would you really use a rifle if druggies showed up at your door? Somehow image of you suddenly changed to something like B. B. Hood in Darkstalkers, an innocent little girl whipping out a shotgun and blasting them away. @_@

About your anime dream, do you dream of yourself and others as anime drawn? Or are the real, but the events seem anime-ish? I was thinking that it would be bishi looking japanese guys in your dream, but "Ryan" changed that image too. xD; I suppose not cleaning yourself is kinda disturbing... but if I'm not going out anywhere I can get away with a weekend without showering. Though you should really take a shower since people tend to be more healthier / not get so sick if they stay clean.

I remember my anime club in university showed Nodome, but it was the live action version. Having real actors do anime things just isn't as funny as how it's portrayed in anime. =\ I never stayed too long to watch any of it; I ended up catching the first 2 anime, which were Ouran Host Club and Zero no Tsukaima.

Having your heart broken by a dream dude sounds kinda weird to me, I guess since I've never experienced anything like that. I how I wish I could go back to the days where all I cared about was friends, anime, and video games, and just not worry about whether I will have any special sort of relationship with a girl. Try to stay in the former for as long as you can. I think I changed when I turned 20ish.

Oh yea, KH had Ariel... if you count mermaids as a girl. Though she's only a sub-character.
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